About us

Ailsigr Jewellery is created by London based designer / maker, Ailsa Garlick. 

My designs are inspired by storytelling and myths, natural forms and the symbolic - themes that are reflected  in my brand name.

Ailsa is a Scottish name, however, its origins are in the Old Norse language of the Vikings. The viking raiders called one of the many Scottish islands Alfsigr, which means Elf Victory! This is the island that we now know as Ailsa Craig. Ailsigr is the combination of the old and the new, joining our past stories with our present.

I work in Silver and Bronze, using traditional techniques including the art of lost wax casting. Each piece is hand carved in wax, which is then made into a mould. During this process, the wax is melted away, hence the name "lost wax casting". Molten silver or bronze is then poured into the mould to cast a perfect replica of the wax carving. The piece then comes back to my studio to be filed, polished and shined to become the finished product.

Please get in touch if you want to ask anything, I love to speak to my customers! You can find me here: